How you'll progress

Joining Volkswagen Group, at one of our franchise partners, you’ll become part of our national team. That means the same route to development and the same top-quality training at our National Learning Centre – wherever your job is based.

If you haven’t worked with any of our brands before, don’t let this get in the way. We’ll provide all the training you need. That means recognising the expertise you’ve gained to date and bringing you up to speed as quickly as possible. It’s an investment in your future you’ll never regret.

What’s more, if you’re a Master Technician or an experienced technician with several years working for another manufacturer, we don’t want you to lose out on salary or status. So, we’ve already planned your core training across all of our vehicles technology and systems to get you on track – fast.

Find out how you can transfer your skills below.

Take a look at how your career could progress


Get to grips with our vehicles by learning from the best technicians in our workshops. You’ll prepare new cars for our customers, and carry out vehicle servicing and repair work, while getting the training you need to become a Service Technician.

Service Technician

How long you spend as a Service Technician depends on how much experience you bring, but work hard and your progress will be rapid. Our training means an opportunity to quickly become expert in servicing our vehicles. At the same time, you’ll develop your breadth of knowledge and decide on your next steps for progression, either to Qualified Technician or Specialist Technician, or both.

Qualified Technician

Diagnosing electrical and mechanical faults and deciding how to put them right can be a real challenge, but our training and technology make it much easier. The world’s best engineered vehicles come with sophisticated test and diagnostic equipment to match. You can choose to specialise in a system area that interests you, or work towards Master Technician status. 

Specialist Technician

As a Specialist Technician, you’ll be the expert in specific system areas – like transmission, or air conditioning – ready to identify complex problems and fix them. Your expertise comes into its own when faults come and go or are tough to diagnose. You’ll often deal directly with a customer to understand a fault, and seek support from Master Technicians and our Technical Support Department.

Master Technician

Make it as a Master Technician and you’ll be one of the most respected and experienced people in Volkswagen Group. You’ll diagnose and repair complex mechanical and electrical problems, dealing directly with customers to understand faults. You’ll also be responsible for managing and developing your own team, spotting gaps in knowledge and teaching colleagues whatever they need to know. We’ll expect you to know our vehicles inside out, and set an example for everyone else in your workshop.